6th Grade

Sinaloa’s sixth grade core utilizes a transitional middle school program. 6th graders attend their core class for either three to four periods out of the six period school day.  Typically, but not always, these classes include: English, history, science and PE.  Sixth graders usually have two additional teachers, one for math and another for exploratory.

Our 6th grade team works closely with one another to create an engaging cross-curricular experience for students.

7th and 8th Grade

7th and 8th Grade English Department

Students learn to read with appreciation, understanding and critical judgment, while at the same time using a systematic process in creating and revising written work.  Furthermore, they learn to communicate effectively in written and spoken English, using correct conventions of the language.

7th and 8th Grade History Department

The goal of the History Department is to develop respect for the differences among world cultures while gaining knowledge and the understanding of a multi-cultural society and acquire skills to effectively participate in a democratic society and world. We strive to see connections between ideas and behaviors, values and ideals, and recognize their inter-connectedness, while using a wide range of thinking strategies and learn to think critically. We work to distinguish between fact and opinion through participation in research, writing and creative multi-media projects. Seventh grade students focus on the history of the world, while eighth graders learn about the discovery, colonization and the development of the United States.

* We will begin implementation of the Common Core State Standards which include the 4 C’s of 21st century skills.  These include: Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking and Creativity.

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